Health Points

The project aims to develop an attractive interactive game-based learning strategy and accompanying resources to support tutors, trainers and educators working with disadvantaged young adults, in order to increase their capacity, competency and the resources available to them to promote health literacy, healthier lifestyles and wider well-being.

To develop

an educational game based approach.

To provide

an attractive access to information on health prevention and education for young disadvantaged adults.

To foster

key competences, such as ICT skills, reading and writing, social and civic competences.

To equip

trainers, educators with an innovative tool to promote awareness on health related topics.


Development of innovative and interactive learning methods and contents.
Improvement of good practice examples on how to embed health related education into existing educational and/or training offers.
Enhancement of understanding on the health literacy needs on the part of teachers, trainers and educators.
Acquiring concrete knowledge, skills and competences for implementing the interactive game and embedding it effectively in educational activities;
Increasing awareness of the benefits and importance of health prevention for young adults and improved knowledge to make healthier choices in daily life.

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